We can provide you with a full range of architectural services: from feasibility studies to approval of final plans. We will take into consideration your budget, schedule, design preferences in order to bring your project to life.

Design development

Design development helps determine overall look, layout and style of your home. Your décor preferences, your lifestyle, budget and specifics of the job are combined to help your project come to life.

Project management

For any project to be successful it requires careful monitoring and coordination throughout all stages. With our experience in projects of all sizes we are confident to say, that we will take care of your job from start to finish.

Brigada Builders, Inc. is a company, created to not just complete the next project, but to create a home. A home for a family or a business, created from scratch or improved by a new addition. Every little remodel carries somebody’s big dreams. That’s why every job, whatever the size, is treated with equal attention and professionalism. We are a company, that is excited about our projects, and this energy runs through all our work.


We offer full range of services: foundation, framing, roofing, painting, tile work etc. We are proud to say, that we have created a team of professionals in all trades, who will ensure a quality job every step of the way.


We have worked with multiple commercial projects: office spaces, stores, workshops etc. We understand the specifics of a commercial project, and are happy to land our expertise and advise of multiple experts we work with.

Green building

Everybody and everything seems to be going green nowadays. But in building green means not only helping the planet, but also helping the owner with multiple savings as well as government credits.